In The Second Life

The Angry Acoustic returns as The Bald Dog Project reveal the next chapter in their musical journey. The follow up to 7 From Bedlam finds itself to be a heavier, more aggressive, and darker look at the inside of human thought.

The second full band release comes two years in the making, as The Bald Dog Project has moved to being a trio. This new format has the band pushing their songwriting and musical abilities to new uncharted areas. Johnnie has carefully and painstakingly written and re-written the riffs and lyrics to each of the new tunes. Chookie and JW have worked to tighten up an already solid rhythm section to bring a new feel to the songs that will grace Apocalyptic Hymns. Each member has brought a new approach, as well as a group effort, helping shape their respective part of the song. Nothing was left unchecked or unsaid as the band went through the writing and preproduction process. With this new approach and process, the band gained a whole new energy and life. The new release is due summer of 2019 and has raised the bar once again as to what music is and can be.